Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Monsters and Minis


Our next swap is a Halloween Themed Mini Swap!  A mini can be a mug rug, candle mat, small table runner or wall hangingbut not limited to these items. If you can think of another "mini" ... go for it! 
Get as crafty as you like. 

To join us, here's what you need to know:

For this swap we will be creating ONE HANDMADE MINI with a Halloween theme.   Get Crafty! If you need a little inspiration? Check out our Pinterest Board for this swap.

  •  You must register by August 26th *
This swap is open to everyone regardless of skill level or location.  

  • Once registration has ended, you will receive an email from me with your partner's name and contact information for this swap.  Look for it on or before August 28, 2018. 

 I will always do my best to match participants based on their 

individual skill level and mailing location preference. 




*The Registration Process:

There are two simple steps to register.

1. The Registration Fee

Click the PayPal button below to be directed to PayPal.

The registration fee is $2.50**

2. The Registration Form
After you've submitted your registration fee through PayPal, click "RETURN TO MERCHANT" at the bottom of the checkout page to be directed to the registration form for completion.
If you miss this step, don't panic. The registration form can be sent to you via email.

It's that simple! I hope you'll join us.
If you have any questions,
 feel free to contact me directly.



Share your photos with us by 
using the following hashatags:


tag me on Instagram @craftylisamarie

To view photos of previous swaps, visit:
Crafting with Lisa Marie Swap Group

 **Why is there a small fee to join our swaps?  As you may imagine, several hours are put into organizing and managing a swap, however the main reason for implementing a registration  fee is to make each person who registers accountable.  With a registration fee, it is harder for those  to "grab and go," leaving their partner disappointed and frustrated.  When registering with a fee, the person registering must identify themselves. This deters those with bad intentions - the "takers" -  from signing up.   This small fee increases the opportunity of a successful swap where everyone receives a package.I hope knowing this will make you feel more comfortable and confident in joining one of our swaps.Still not sure, if this swap is right for you?  Join our Facebook Swap Group to chat with members and view photos of previous swaps.