Wednesday, April 25, 2018


A tote is probably the most versatile bag one can have.   
They are big and roomy and can hold lots of "stuff".  
Perfect for work, play or a day at the
 market shopping!  
Join us for our To Market, To Market Swap
where we will be exchanging handmade totes
with our crafty friends!

For this swap ...
  • You will create and receive ONE  HANDMADE tote bag.  One that can be taken to the market, work, beach, park, library... 
  • Use any pattern or design to create a tote for your partner.  Get as creative as you like by using fun fabrics, stencils, applique, paint, embroidery, embellishments.... Make it FUN!
  • You must register by May 7th 
  •  You will receive an email with your partner's name and contact information for this swap on or before May 9th 2018. 
  • You must MAIL YOUR SWAP ON TIME All swap packages need to be completed and mailed on or before MONDAY, June 11th 2018.

Need a little inspiration?  Check out our Pinterest Board for this swap.

This swap is open to everyone regardless of skill level or location.  
I will always do my best to match participants based on their individual skill level and mailing location preference.

I hope you'll join us! 

To begin the registration process, click the PayPal Add to Cart button below.  

After you've submitted your registration fee, click 


at the bottom of the checkout page to be directed to the registration form for completion. If you miss this step, don't panic.  The registration form can be sent to you via email. 


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly.


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  *Why is there a small fee to join our swaps?  As you may imagine, several hours are put into organizing and managing a swap, however the main reason for implementing a registration  fee is to make each person who registers accountable.  With a registration fee, it is harder for those  to "grab and go," leaving their partner disappointed and frustrated.  When registering with a fee, the person registering must identify themselves. This deters those with bad intentions - the "takers" -  from signing up.   This small fee increases the opportunity of a successful swap where everyone receives a package.I hope knowing this will make you feel more comfortable and confident in joining one of our swaps.Still not sure, if this swap is right for you?  Join our Facebook Swap Group to chat with members and view photos of previous swaps.

may 7, 2018

 Thank you to All who Registered!


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