Wednesday, August 23, 2017


I never want summer to end, but I have to say  I LOVE seeing all the "Back to School" supplies displayed in the stores. The  notebooks, folders, pens, markers and pencils.  It may be the newness of it all, a fresh start.... a new beginning. 

I'm also a giant notebook lover!  Even with all our fancy phones, tablets and computers, there's nothing like writing something down you want to remember and being able to doodle next it.  I have a notebook for just about everything;  things to remember, upcoming events, crafts I want to create,  swap ideas, birthdays.  You name it, I probably have a book for it. That is why I am so excited  to bring this next swap to you.

For this swap ...
  • You will create and receive ONE  Covered Composition Notebook  (notebook must be included). Use materials and patterns of your choice.  GET CREATIVE.  Embellishments and design are key.  You can make it as shabby or as elegant as you like.  I've put together a Pinterest Board with lots of pretty photos of notebooks and some tutorials for inspiration. 
  • To be a part of this swap, you must register by Sunday,  September 10, 2017 
  •  After registering, you will receive an email with your partner's name and contact information for this swap on or before September 13, 2017. 
  • MAIL YOUR SWAP ON TIME All swap packages must be completed and mailed on or before MONDAY,  October 9, 2017.

This swap is open to everyone regardless of skill level or location.  

I will always do my best to match participants based on their individual skill level and mailing location preference.

To begin the registration process, click the (add to cart) button below.  After you've paid your registration fee, look for  "RETURN TO MERCHANT"  at the bottom of your screen to be directed to the registration form for completion. - If you miss this step, don't panic.  The registration form can be sent to you via email. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly

thank you to all who registered


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