Tuesday, May 20, 2014


If you're anything like me, you will find yourself at the sewing machine in need of your trusted pincushion, only to wonder if you left it on your cutting table or on the ironing board, or maybe it's hiding under a pile of fabric.  Well, this pretty pincushion ring will solve that problem once and for all and it's super easy to make too!

You'll need a few supplies which will include:

Scrap of fabric (5" Square)
4" of  1/8" Elastic
Heavy Duty Thread
Sewing Needle
Bottle Cap
Glue Gun

Large Yo-Yo Maker (optional)
Small piece of sandpaper (optional)
Button/Trim (optional)

Let's start with the bottle cap.   Using an Awl, punch two holes into the top of the bottle cap.  Make sure the holes are large enough to accommodate the 1/8 " elastic.

After creating the holes, the top of the bottle cap will be a little rough.  This is the part that will lay against your finger.  To smooth it, simply take a small piece of sand paper or nail file and buff over the holes.

    Cut a 4.5"circle from fabric.  Create a yo-yo using a large yo-yo maker or simply use a running stitch around the edge of the circle.
(Yo-yo should finish approximately 2" when flat)

 Place a piece of batting slightly smaller than the circle of fabric inside the yo-yo before pulling threads up.

Once the batting  is in place pull threads up slightly.  
Stuff with poly-fil, but do not over stuff.

Once you have enough poly-fil, take a few a stitches and close up the yo-yo.  Put yo-yo aside.

 Run the 1/8"elastic through the holes of the bottle cap to create the 'ring'.  If the holes are not large enough, go back with your awl to make the holes slightly larger.

 Once you created a 'ring', place it on your finger
and adjust the elastic for a good fit.
Secure ends by tying the elastic in a knot.
Try ring on again, to make sure it's comfortable.
(Make any adjustments necessary.)
  Trim ends to fit inside bottle cap.

Fill bottle cap one-third to half way with hot glue.  
Press yo-yo (gathered side down) snugly inside bottle cap.

For a special touch, add a button to the top of your pincushion and some coordinating trim around the bottle cap with a bit of hot glue, and 
VOILA, you have a pretty pincushion ring! 

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial and will make your own 
pretty pincushion ring.  
Email me a picture if you do!  I'd love to see them

Sunday, May 18, 2014


With a little fabric and a bit of fusible web, you'll be able to recreate a wonderful childhood memory of building sand castles on the beach. But this pretty Sand Castle won't wash away as the quilted waves crash along the shore. 

Pattern Available on Craftsy

Friday, May 16, 2014


Thank you to all who have signed up. Be sure to check your email today for mailing information on your swap partner. Happy Swapping!

Saturday, May 3, 2014


Swaps are SEW much fun!

As you know, I've participated in several swaps over the past few years.  You've probably even seen some photos of items I created and the wonderful items I've received from others from all around the US and even abroad.   Each swap was filled with excitement and anticipation including waiting to receive a wonderful handmade gift in the mail from someone I hardly knew, but was now connected to by our same passion for creating.  It was just as exciting to create something for that person knowing that she would understand the time and love that was put into creating something handmade, just for her, regardless of  skill level.  I've enjoyed these swaps so much that I now want to host one for YOU!

Today, I'm excited to announce the very first  

 Crafting with Lisa Marie Mug Rug Swap! 

For this swap each participant will have one (1) swap partner.  You will create and mail a summer themed mug rug to your partner on or before the mailing deadline date. (Mailing early is always appreciated!)   You may use a purchased pattern of your choice, or design your very own summer themed mug rug ~ be creative!! The only specifics is that the mug rug measure at least 5" x 7".

If you'd like to participate, and I hope you will, all you need to do is  CLICK HERE, to complete the sign up form.

Important dates to remember: 
Sign Up DEADLINE:  Thursday, May 15, 2014 
Mailing DEADLINE:  Monday, June 30, 2014

Once the Sign Up Deadline is met, I will email you the mailing information you will need for your swap partner.  Mailing information will be sent out no later than May 20th.

Please, only sign up if you are sure that you can meet these deadlines.  It's always very disappointing  to wait for a swap item that never arrives!   We know that "things" sometime happen, and if they do, please contact me and your partner so that we are aware of any delay.

In case you need a little inspiration, you can check out my Summer Mug Rug Pattern on Craftsy.

Feel free to make it your own by changing up the colors, creating a beach ball applique, or a pair of flip flops applique instead of the beach umbrella! Just follow the simple instructions on how to create an applique and you will be able to add just about anything that reminds you of summer! 

Now let's have some fun and let the swapping begin!!!